Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

When it comes to patio and garden paving designs there are a huge variety to choose from. They range from the purely basic, such as a stack bond, to the more daring flag design like a repeatable random. A guide to patio is; the greater the number of flags sizes available, the larger the amount of patterns and layouts layouts which may be created. However, even with just a single flag dimensions, it’s possible to create different layouts or patterns.

For inspiration and garden paving design ideas, terrace paving laying patterns’ Marshalls library is a excellent place to start. All Marshalls laying patterns are categorised into 4 groups, according to the filters below. These include course, stretcher bond, repeatable random and other, including octants and circles.
Random class garden use different sizes of flags. However, it is important to avoid joints which can draw the eye. An example of a Marshalls product that works with this type of paving design is sawn sandstone.

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Stretcher bond is the simplest offset paving pattern and is known as half bond or a bond. The joints are offset by half the width of the paving flag. Marshalls Fairstone Kingsize garden paving is ideally suited to this type of design.

Paving designs that are random that are repeatable utilise flag sizes placed.
Start the search for your ideal laying pattern/design for garden paving by clicking one of the filters below. For ideas and inspiration for driveways, why don’t you take a look at our driveway designs and patterns page.

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