12 Patio Cover Ideas

12 Patio Cover Ideas

Patio Cover Ideas – One is the inclination to put one big slab patio at the back of the house. In actuality it’s rarely practical while this may be a conventional layout. For the very best and functional patio design, you need to consider exposure to sunlight and shade to the house, and viewsto accommodate such as entertaining, dining, cooking, and sun bathing.

Watch the video to find out how to “divide” patios to make various outdoor rooms. You will also discover a easy tool adjust placement ideas that are patio and landscape designers use to plot out.

Making Patio Plans: Form follows function

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The first step in making patio plans is to think about the performance of the space and how it will actually be used. On day one of Landscape Design School the teacher writes “form follows function” on the chalk-board for everybody to see. Keep this time tested adage as you layout your back yard space and you can’t go wrong. If you don’t frequently hold large meetings and want everyone in one oversized patio area, you will be better off breaking up the space into several smaller patio areas, or “outdoor rooms”.

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It’s typically best to create several living areas to accommodate the tendency of people to break into smaller groups. Next time you’re at a party, observe how the guests split into smaller groups and then travel to see other groups. By creating several areas of interest throughout the 15, design your patio layouts.

Patio Cover Ideas

Patio Plan Drawings: Ideas for discovering patio positioning

An open backyard space is like a blank canvas full of opportunity for designing an inviting patio. What size patio should I put in? What options are there?

1. One of the keys to designing spaces that are inviting is to create areas that draw people out. Even on properties, backyard patios don’t have to be one large slab. In this sketch, you will see the patio and dining room off one side of the home, but you notice concrete seating area and the water feature in the outer edge of the property. Design Tip: Avoid having a patio placed at the door. Give people a reason to get out and enjoy different regions of the yard.

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2. You can easily create rooms that tie together with landscaping and hardscaping. In this sketch, living room space and the outdoor dining area are made as two separate entities. The yard is extremely operational as a whole with paths to each destination spot.

3. In this sketch, the greatest area has been committed to an outdoor kitchen. This patio offers space to accommodate tables and seating areas and to collect. Design Tip: don’t forget to allow additional space for people to walk round behind and tables or between outdoor furniture, When choosing your patio size. Your patio ought to be large enough for your table or furniture, but may have to include that walkway of space.

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Woodworking patio cover designs PDF Free Download

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4. This sketch illustrates the serenity of a secluded living room. Set out in the yard, this concrete patio features an outdoor fireplace which is apparently floating near the water. Available by pathways, this patio creates a focal point in the backyard. It is also large enough to accommodate furniture without being too large to detract from its appeal.

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